Our clients leverage our C/C++ expertise to build, enhance, sustain and support their software products and applications. Our programmers have developed advanced systems for application and network monitoring & recovery, high-performance computing, security and compliance management and cutting-edge multi-media applications. We have worked with major hardware and software systems companies to deliver end-to-end C++ development services on both Linux and Windows platforms. We possess extensive experience across:

  • C/C++ Software Product Development
  • C/C++ Application Development
  • C/C++ Cross-Platform Development
  • C/C++ Professional Services

C/C++ Proficiency Backed by Years of Experience
Our C/C++ software development expertise has amassed through years of project engagements along with our team's collective experience across the following: File Systems and Storage
  • Migrating file systems
  • Porting file systems over UNIX and Windows
  • Developing backup algorithms
  • Debugging techniques to provide support services over storage products
  • Developing storage management
  • System testing of various protocols
  • File system protocol testing, such as NFS
  • Sockets programming for protocol development on TCP/IP & UDP
Device Drivers
  • Developing, supporting and validating storage device drivers
  • Porting device drivers to various operating systems
  • Kernel debugging to assist driver development
  • Developing device drivers for custom hardware
Embedded Systems
  • Developing embedded systems using OS Less, RTOS and Linux
  • Interface compatibility SPI, SDIO, UART, USB
  • Choice of your own micro-controller Cortex-M3, M4, ARM7, ARM9, PIC, AVR and others
  • Applying embedded software engineering skills
Other Systems Technologies
  • Network wrappers over SSH, HTTP, HTTPS
  • Database connectivity
  • Shell Scripting and PERL scripting