JavaScript is a multi-modal programming language that is well suited to event-driven, functional and mandatory programming styles. Initially used exclusively for client-side (front-end) development, it has now been developed to cover server-side (back-end) software. JS frameworks and libraries, Angular, React, VU, Node, are widely used by web developers because they have the ability to select simple programming functionality by inserting handwritten custom code. We do. The JS framework appears to be more suitable for website design and development of device-responsive applications.

Javascript frameworks and libraries have a variety of software requirements, from front-end development and visualization to software testing and working. So we have extensive experience in applying Javascript tools to our projects. For example, AngularJS and VueJS are used for the auction development module that is part of the OpenProCure solution. React and Ionic have been implemented for mobile application development. Javascript libraries such as Jquery, Backbone, Node.js and Meteor have added structure, scalability, interactivity and power to many of the projects that QuantGroup has worked on.

Below are our Microsoft ASP.NET services :

  • Comprehensive and Comprehensive Web Products
  • Dynamic and interactive web page
  • User friendly and responsive interface
  • Cutting Edge Screen Visual Effects
  • Graphics elements optimization
  • Faster page loading
  • Rich JavaScript Libraries
  • Played quickly and efficiently
  • Ease of handling the resulting product
  • Future help and cooperation.