Progressive Web Application (PWA)

Today's relevance around progressive web application development is largely fraught with limitations that developers face when designing apps for mobile. Mobile websites are fast and intuitive, but they are usually layered and fragmented while providing better user experience. Native apps, on the other hand, provide a very dynamic user experience but are not compatible with most devices. The latest mobile solution to pull the plug on these flaws is Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

PWA is the best blend of mobile and local applications in the world to deliver very good, reliable and attractive applications. PWA, in short, functions as websites and mobile applications built using today's advanced browser technology. They don't need a download and that's how a quintessential website works - providing a truly complete experience in a web browser. PWA also offers great offline experiences. Because these applications use service personnel, they can load quickly even in areas with low connectivity. The pre-caching feature updates these applications from time to time. As a result of this incomparable quality, progressive web applications usually take place on the home screen of your user's mobile phone.